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About Us

A visit to Baby Bloom will be an experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. We know that pregnancy is not simply a transition to motherhood to be endured, but a beautiful journey in life to be enjoyed and remembered. Our goal is to give you the most memorable, warm welcoming, and personalized experience! At our studio, we take pride in taking our time with you; ultimately giving you that very special, one-on-one time with your baby. Our 4D Ultrasound and HD Live technology ensures that you'll receive the best visual of your little one. Years ago, expectant parents could only see black and white images through traditional 2D Baby Ultrasound, which were often difficult to interpret. Today's advanced ultrasound technology gives you a choice. With 3D Ultrasound, 4D Ultrasound, and HD Live imaging parents can view what their little one(s) looks like before they arrive. Our space offers a unique theatre-like setting with a HD home theatre system along with comfortable seating for the whole family to be able to join in on the magic. 

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