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The First Trimester: Connecting with Your Baby at a 7-Week Ultrasound

The first trimester of pregnancy begins two weeks prior to conception and lasts until week 12. During this time, your baby grows rapidly, but you might find it challenging to feel connected to your little bundle of joy.


Exhaustion and morning sickness are common reminders of your pregnancy, yet you won't feel any baby flutters or movements just yet.


Scheduling a 7-week ultrasound can help you feel more connected by revealing the amazing developments happening inside your womb. Here’s what you might see during this scan!


1. Fetal Pole

At this stage, your baby is referred to as an embryo. This tiny wonder, about the size of a pearl, will begin developing major organs.


During your seven-week ultrasound, you may see the fetal pole, introducing you to this little marvel. It will appear as a small, living blob developing alongside its yolk sac.


2. Gestational Sac

The gestational sac forms when the group of proliferating cells is too small to constitute a visible baby. At your seven-week ultrasound, you'll see this remarkable structure.


This fluid-filled sac surrounds your baby with amniotic fluid and eventually becomes the amniotic sac. During this time, it contains a yolk sac that provides nourishment to your embryo as the placenta forms.


3. Heartbeat

Since you can't feel your developing baby yet, many mothers worry about their pregnancy's viability. During this ultrasound, you may hear your baby’s heartbeat, a reassuring sign of life.


The heart starts developing between five and six weeks of pregnancy and will beat continuously throughout life. Witnessing this tiny heartbeat can be one of the most exciting moments of your life, highlighting the significance of such a small structure.


4. Seeing Double?

Early in pregnancy, some new parents receive an extra special surprise. Seeing double yolk sacs and potentially other structures can indicate twins!


At this early stage, you won't yet know if the twins are identical or fraternal, but it helps you prepare for twice the love!


What if Something Is Missing?

While we can estimate basic human development, some babies follow their own unique timeline. If you don’t see one of these structures during your ultrasound, don’t panic. Talk with your doctor and schedule another imaging session the following week.


Even one day can make a significant difference at this early stage. Additionally, your conception date might be off by a few days, affecting what you see during the ultrasound.


Schedule Your 7-Week Ultrasound

Doctors usually schedule ultrasounds based on medical necessity to track development. However, you can also opt to connect with your baby and track growth for peace of mind and enjoyment by scheduling your own ultrasounds.


We offer a special experience that allows you to marvel at the wonders of new life. Schedule your 7-week ultrasound appointment today and start bonding with your baby!


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