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Pregnancy Must Haves

What does every pregnant woman undeniably want & seek?! COMFORT. As exciting as it is to witness your body work a miracle and grow your baby, it comes with discomfort in various ways and we’re desperate to seek alleviation. I compiled a mini list of comfort must haves! I only recommended products I can vouch for or have heard mamas rave about.

You may have one or there is a 90% chance a fellow mom has already told you that you need to get one and that is the infamous pregnancy pillow! It is the holy grail for bed comfort. I am a side sleeper already snuggling pillows so with this item, I did not hesitate! As much as I loved the contact with my significant other during this special time. There are times when I felt like…. “don’t touch me!”. Your partner might complain it takes up a lot of space or they might steal it, but it’s worth keeping the pregosaurus at bay! It is a small sacrifice for the support of your heavy-growing belly. I also liked to use mine to help prop up my daughter when breastfeeding during infancy. You can always give it to a pregnant family member or keep it in the linen closet if you’re planning for more kids.

Another symptom that we can’t seem to shake, especially in the 3rd trimester is swollen feet. What can you pair perfectly with your pillow and elevated legs? Cold therapy socks. With inflation going the way it is, there’s a high chance you’re a working mom. You deserve to spend some of that hard-earned money on comfort! These socks are super cozy. Just stick the cool packs in the fridge and they’ll be ready for you when it is time to relax. Expecting to be super pregnant in the summer? Use these to cool down when it’s 115 degrees outside, double bonus.

Lastly, I am recommending belly oil. I will admit that despite rubbing daily my entire pregnancy I still got some stretch marks. Though I praise myself for trying. I knew I’d be subject to stretch marks because of my genetics. However, there’s just something about self-care that undoubtedly makes you feel a bit more relieved. We also must be mindful of the ingredients in products we use during pregnancy to keep our littles safe. With that being said, I highly recommend Hatch belly oil, it is a plant-based oil, and it has a light refreshing scent. It is a little pricy, but even the texture is not like a heavy oil that can stain. It is ribbon smooth & silky. If you have the “treat yo-self” mentality, I wouldn’t hesitate to order this product.

If you’re a client of ours, you know we like to put emphasis on care and give whatever tips we can to make this process more enjoyable. Regardless of if you’re a new mom or seasoned, there’s nothing like having another person in your corner for support during this journey. We’re super happy to be here for you.

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