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Oh look, it's Little Miss loves seeing her baby in 3D

Summer is almost over; can you believe it? Thank you, mother nature! No more boob sweat within two minutes of stepping outside. Regardless of the temperature drop we’re expecting, it’s not yet time to ditch your refillable water bottle. It is imperative that you drink about half of your weight in ounces daily for crystal clear 3/4/5D ultrasound images. You might get tired of us nagging you, but we will never get tired of reminding you to do your part! Your physician suggests proper hydration for several reasons, even your baby’s lung development being one of them. But right now, we're talking pictures.

I know in your head you might be cursing me if water is not your favorite beverage. There are a few solutions to help you stay on track! You can invest in one of those water bottles with reminders to help you stay committed. There are also water flavorings you can add; I used them a lot until I realized they're jam packed with sugar. A simple lemon slice with mint leaves does the trick for me, 10/10 recommend. Worst-case scenario, chill a few bottles of Pedialyte in the fridge. Soda, coffee, and tea don’t count.

Consistency is key! Drinking a gallon of H20, the morning before your appointment will not make a difference in your amniotic fluid, it will just mean frequent trips to the bathroom. It takes days for your body to turn that H20 into amniotic fluid! Drinking water will increase the quality and clarity of your amniotic fluid which is like the “window” to view baby. The clearer the “window” the clearer the pictures. You should start the week prior to your appointment or at least 3-5 days to give your body time to hydrate. You want your images to be smooth like butter, not a rain cloud blocking your baby's precious face.

We try our best to get you the cutest images and it makes us sad when we can’t deliver because you forgot to do your part, mama. We are super honored to be chosen to work with your little one. We appreciate that you are not just spending the time, but the money for the luxury viewing experiences we offer. You should always get your money’s worth! Despite some temporary discomfort which you might already be experiencing, drinking the suggested water intake will be well worth it. Soon you'll be able to have that glass of wine, let's focus on the water for now! Check out some of these example images taken in our studio for motivation. These are all different babies/mamas. It could be your little one, too.

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