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Hey Siri; What, in the morning sickness, is a 6D ultrasound?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

First, congratulations!! You’re expecting a baby and you’ve gone full “SCAN ME NOW!!” mode.

I don’t blame you; your baby is going to be the cutest!

But what’s the difference between 3D/4D, 5D, and now some places claiming they have the technology for 6D, what should you do?

Don’t worry, we're here to help; so, relax, go pee for the 20th time today, and let’s go through it!

3D/4D Ultrasound

These are the most common form of ultrasound; this allows you to see 3D images of your developing baby. The 4D allows you to see baby movements, like that cute little yawn or a breathtaking smile.

5D Ultrasound

5D ultrasound, because why be basic, Am-I-right? This is a high-definition scan, it allows you to see the baby a little clearer (if you’re making sure to stay hydrated, so chug, chug, chug!

Seriously go take a break and drink that water!) the tone of the ultrasound will appear more of a skin color making it a more realistic experience.

6D Ultrasound

No, we didn’t make it up; Yes, it does exist. This is just like a 5D ultrasound however the difference is you see the baby through VR (Virtual Reality) goggles.

Now that you know what each “D” does and were talking about the ultrasounds; be very careful where you choose to scan. There are ultrasound studios that claim they are doing a 6D experience when it’s virtually almost the same as a 5D quality scan.


Make sure you ask if the proper technology will be used, otherwise you are paying for the fancy name only.

Be sure your studio allows for at least one free rescan if the baby is being extra shy that day, seeing the baby should be the main priority!

Hello? Is it me you looking for?

We would love to meet your little one, check us out:

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