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Details! Details! Details!

You can't spell details without the D. We get asked all of the time so we created a simple blog all about the different ultrasound dimensions and the best time to get them! Don’t fret, it is easily retainable information and it is important to know what you’re in for.

2D- The 2D ultrasound is the standard black & white, two dimensional ultrasound of your baby. 2D is most commonly used with your practitioner when performing diagnostic exams. As long as you are well hydrated, it is still super cool to see all of your babies anatomical features like fingers and toes even when they’re super small around 10-12 weeks.

If you’re interested in a gender reveal, the earliest we suggest would be 14 weeks & beyond. Again, hydration is key! Unless baby is in a deep sleep, you’re almost always guaranteed to watch them tumbling around or even sticking their fingers in their mouth. With all of the different angels they show us, we can almost always determine the gender with 100% certainty. & if we can’t on the first try, you’ll be given an invitation for a complimentary redo! Who wouldn’t enjoy a free follow up ultrasound?

3D- 3D is the still 3 dimensional image of your baby. Such as the prints you get to take home, those are 3D photos! It is really as simple as that. Your little one will start resembling a baby around 22-23 weeks, but still look on the frail side because they’re about the size of papaya. Around this time is also when part of lungs continue to develop! Not only does H20 help with image clarity, but the development of your little one’s lungs, how neat is that?!

4D- This is the live motions of your baby in utero! When we’re watching your baby stretch and yawn in real time, that is the 4D ultrasound. Typically the tone of baby is a yellow/gold and you can notice little features like the furrowing of their brows. Baby’s start getting fat cells around 25 weeks. So it is really impressive to peek in on them from that point on in 4D. They no longer look like a mini dinosaur and we can typically fit their body and face into frame before they’re too big, which is a nice view!

5D/HD Live- This ultrasound is very similar to 4D in terms of live motion viewing and details! 5D has a pink tone and this technology is slightly more improved where we can really see the tiniest details such as the crevices in your baby’s eyes and blinks! It is the more realistic view. At our studio we always perform 4/5D in tandem switching back and forth trying to give you the best view and pictures of your baby.

In short, here are best viewing times

2D - 7-16 weeks

4/5D 16-35 weeks

Here are some pictures from last month for a visual interpretation

& don’t forget, water is your BEST tool for ultrasound clarity!!!

Cheers to another year of seeing & meeting your beautiful babies

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