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Boy or Girl... What will it be?!

Did you know the highest selling service we offer is the gender reveal ultrasound? I was really impatient and dying to know with our daughter so that trend does not surprise me! We wanted to write a short and sweet blog on the determination factors during your gender reveal ultrasound. You might request that we put the gender in a secret envelope for your festivities; but we know there is a good chance you might be tempted to peek!

Baby Bloom offers a gender determination ultrasound as early as 14 weeks pregnant. This scan can be performed as a 2D/3D/4D HD ultrasound, but position is key. We like to make sure from several angles before making an educated decision and try our best to tell you with 100% confidence or we offer a complimentary re-scan to get a better look. So what exactly are we looking for do you ask? Well a hamburger or a turtle! With the infamous "potty shot", kind of like like being mooned by your baby, we can often see if there is a little turtle shape (the scrotum and penis) indicating that it is a boy; or 3 lines (vulva and clitoris) that replicate a hamburger which suggests it is a girl.

The nub theory is also very accurate. This theory states if the nub (external genitals) is parallel to the spine, it is a girl. If there is something poking up in between the legs, then we have ourselves a boy! Of course motion plays a factor as well. If the nub is still while baby is moving rather than moving with the motions, we can confidently say it is a vagina and not a penis.

We've said it before and were happy to say it again! Drink your water mamas. Not only does it help with face images later on, but if your amniotic fluid is crystal clear for your gender ultrasound it makes it 100 times easier to ascertain baby's anatomy.

Along with the ultrasound services, we offer a DNA gender determination test. We're partnered with Sneak Peek Labs in California. They offer a DNA test that can determine your baby's gender as early as 6 weeks pregnant with 99% accuracy. Like anything, these tests do have a margin for error. If your sample is incorrect they will honor you a full refund with no hassle. We have plenty of options to help you determine your baby's gender as early as your heart desires. Whether is for party planning, nursery shopping, or you're just dying to know like I was, we got your back!

Take care of yourselves and those sweet babies!

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