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“BABY ON BOARD!” Make baby car life easier on yourself

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Remember, when getting in your car and driving off was an insignificantly easy task? Yeah, those were the good old days. Now it takes a whole checklist, luggage, and deep breaths to get your baby in the car, let alone a happy baby.

Since we love making mamas' lives easier, we compiled a list of amazing products to use in your car while you have that little monster precious baby with you.

  1. No more dropped cups! There is nothing worse than blindly swatting at the back seat in the search of those zippy cups while baby performs their most charming battle cry. Problem solved: Introducing the Baby Cup catcher, this not only will keep their cup within reach but will also keep it clean!

  2. Love long luxurious nails? But can’t unbuckle baby from the car seat? Say no more! This magical device will help you easily unclick any car seat without breaking a nail! Go ahead get those acrylics girl!

  3. No more rinsing those dropped pacifiers! This little device will close itself when released from babies’ mouths, keeping it always nice and clean!

  4. Large rear-facing car seat mirrors to see your baby’s lovely crying face are a must! But sometimes it’s just too dark! No problem this Car Mirror has an LED light included with a remote! Baby car mirror with light:

  5. And of course, always have toys on deck! Here is one of our favorites to keep little ones busy! Baby car Entertainment.

Don’t forget to enjoy that blissful 2-seconds of sanity, after you secured your babes, to the driver's door!

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