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All about the Benjamins Baby, oh yeah and Car Safety!

Those pants aren’t the only thing feeling snug…

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pack our growing families into a clown car and save space? Sure, there are newer methods for co-sleeping and bed sharing, but when it comes to travel and car safety, proper accommodations and car seats are essentials.

Not everyone is creating their own Olympic volleyball team, but most of us can agree everyone appreciates leg room! When a new baby is expected, the size and safety of your car should be your priority. One extra place will be required, possibly even more!

True story, I was on my way to court one morning (my record is clean, I swear) and my car stalled in the middle of the expressway in Chicago. As the tow man said, I looked like I had been eating watermelon seeds! I was 8 months pregnant feeling like I just experienced the worst luck but thank goodness I was safe! I hope none of you mama’s experience this luck with your vehicles especially pregnant, but moral of the story is, size and safety were mainly considered for my new vehicle. Though I really tried to convince everyone that a convertible mustang would do.

Not only should you consider the seating arrangements. Think of the road trips, sporting events, carpool drop offs for the kids, & grocery shopping. Trust me those target trips can be a nightmare! Personally, every day I have several bags of toddler essentials with my only child in tow and I thank God for my SUV daily.

Newly expecting or seasoned parents of multiples, it might be time to trade in your Honda Civic for a more spacious vehicle. To make your life a little easier, we have partnered up with Larry H Miller in Surprise to get you a great deal. Currently they are offering 0% for 72 months on some models AND $150 in Cash, to spend on new pants or diapers, either way, it's free money!!

Contact us at for help with setting an appointment to browse their auto inventory for your growing family!


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